Education for students, by students. Learning through consuming, reviewing, grading, and generating content. No costs, no dependency on experts.


SchoolHouse is Re-Engineering the Economics of Learning.

Exponential Education

An arithmetic increase in the demand supplied (product consumed) triggers a geometric increase in the offer available. The more students learn, the more learning material is available to current and future learners.

Education Zero

The generation of educational content and the grading of student's work involves no costs and requires no investment of any material, human or financial resources.


Decentralized Education

There is no assigned leader or course organizer, no assigned content generator or curator. There is no ultimate education provider or consumer, no ultimate expert, and no unidirectional knowledge flow.

Instead, there is a multi-directional and dynamic knowledge flow throughout all of our learners, as they journey along different stages in their learning paths.

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We are proposing a technologically-driven and evidence-based solution to the Global Grand Challenge of Universal Education. The needs of billions can now be successfully catered through the convergence of these 3 disruptive educational trends, at zero cost. When students become both the consumers and prosumers of education, not only do they achieve greater learning outcomes, but they grant access to educational abundance to an entire new generation of cloud-connected learners.
Welcome to Exponential Education.

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